When is a facelift like a new hairstyle?

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It’s disheartening to see a person who obviously has had a facelift, because, across the room, she looks like she just exited a wind tunnel. Eyes pulled tight, mouth too wide, that mask-like smile.  The surgeon’s approach was “some is good, more is better”.  Not really.

Let’s distill the essentials of a natural facelift.

When the skin is the focus, the wrinkles will be dissipated by greater skin pull, which is usually directed horizontally (to the side).  But, that look will be too stark early on, maybe more settled in a few months, but will need a “touch-up” in, perhaps, a year.

When the skin is the envelope, and the deeper tissues are the focus, then those deeper tissues can be repositioned more vertically – elevating the cheek and jowl – restoring a more youthful structural appearance, and allowing the skin to re-drape more naturally (and under less tension – a good thing for better incision healing).  With this approach, you get a natural result that lasts years, not months.

Wouldn’t you want friends to think you changed to a new hair style, rather than envision an overhead neon sign flashing “Face Under Construction”?

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Next, I address the neck. Now that can be a conversation starter…

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