It’s Really Just My Neck That Bothers Me

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I’ve heard that many times.  The patient is displeased with the way his or her neck has aged.  Skin is loose, “draping” off the chin with those characteristic bands.  The contour, that is, the “chin-neck angle”, has been lost due to the draping skin.  And, if that alone could be fixed, then..

The problem with this scenario is that, almost always, the neck and the face are BOTH aging; so, fixing one without the other will result in a mismatch, an aging face on a more youthful neck, an incomplete result.  Or, worse yet, a bad result.

Why would this be?  Keep in mind that as the face and neck age, soft tissues descend, “fall”, with gravity.  The cheek loses fullness, the jawline becomes interrupted by the “jowl”, and the neck contour becomes blunted. With focused improvement of the neck alone, the remaining “jowl” will become more prominent because there is less draping neck skin to conceal it.  The jowl, however, can’t be easily liposuctioned, or “pushed” back up against gravity.  It needs to be repositioned more vertically by suspending it back into the position from which it descended.  The re-elevation of the jowl and, by extension, the tissues of the “mid-face”, will position those tissues in such a way as to restore more youthful fullness into the cheek, soften the heaviness of the folds of skin adjacent to the nose (the nasolabial fold), and restore a smooth jawline contour (because the jowl has been lifted up),

This “mid-face” work is essential to a balanced look.  Note that the repositioning is more vertical (where the tissues came from), and not horizontal (which could leave that “wind-tunnel” look).

facelift with neck lift   Jawline sagging. Jowl and neck contour is very blunted.

facelift with neck lift The neck is nicely contoured and the jawline is smoother.

Note how the corner of the mouth has been elevated too, eliminating the appearance of a “frown”.

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