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Why would the wintertime be ideal for planning a breast augmentation?  Bikini season is months away, and no one will notice the change with all those layers of clothing on. Precisely!  Planning the procedure now will give you plenty of time for the necessary recovery.  I’m not talking about recovery from surgery before returning to work; I’m referring to the time it takes for the breast skin changes to adapt to their stretch so that those new bikini tops fit their best and the breasts look most natural.

Let’s step back a bit and describe first how we get from that A/B cup to that C/D (or above) cup.

Breast implants are the mainstay of breast augmentation procedures.  Other attempts to enlarge breast size “naturally” with suction devices or fat injections are far from common and have, in my opinion, very limited value.  Saline-filled or silicone-filled implants provide highly consistent results with historically low risk.  The implant type is the patient’s choice (sometimes guided one way or the other by the surgeon).  The size of the implant is chosen based on several factors – patient height and chest width, starting breast size and desired result, and amount of breast skin.  Breast “droop” is another issue.  We’ll cover that in another post.

Placement of the implant is either above (sub glandular) or beneath the muscle (sub muscular) under the breast.  Muscle coverage often gives a softer, more natural look.  But some breast shapes benefit from implant placement above the muscle.  That determination can be discussed at the consultation.

As with any surgical procedure, the result improves over time as the tissues of the body accommodate to the changes made – it “settles”.  In this manner, the result of breast augmentation will look good initially, but will look better in the coming weeks and months as the tissues settle.

breast augmentation beforebreast augmentation after

breast augmentation beforebreast augmentation after

This sub-muscular implant placement with saline implants is around 4 months post-operatively.

By the time spring arrives, you can enjoy your new shape, and look so natural that no one knows what you’ve had done.


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